Books: Rob’s Guide to Using VMware – Second Edition

Rob’s Guide to Using VMware
Second Edition

Release Date: July, 2005
ISBN: 9080893439
Edition: 2
Pages: 352
Size: 9.2″ x 7.0″ x 1.0″

The second edition of Rob’s Guide to Using VMWare continues where the author stopped with the first edition. New topics covered in the book are VMWare ACE and VMWare GSX Server. The book now also contains information on VMWare and Linux. This new edition features an overview of the new version 5 of VMWare Workstation. Many topics which were included in the first edition have been updated and new topics have been added.

Words from the Author
This new book is updated for all the new versions of VMware products. It is based on VMware Workstation version 5 and all the tips and procedures have been updated for this latest version.
New topics include: Multiple Snapshots, Teaming virtual machines and Linux installation and configuration. There is also a section that introduces VMware ACE.

The sections covering Physical to Virtual conversion and Clustering have been updated with new techniques and they now cover new information on the complete range of VMware products, including ACE v1, GSX Server v3.2 and ESX Server v2.5.
For P2V you will find updated information on imaging techniques that can be used to copy physical machines into virtual machines. Including information on how to restore Windows and Linux machines that reside on IDE hard disks inside virtual machines with SCSI disks, such as on VMware ESX Server. The tools that I cover for P2V have been updated to include Acronis TrueImage for Windows (including server versions) and freely available Linux tools and default commands to copy a machine into a virtual machine directly via the network.

The sections on VMware GSX Server and ESX Server will get you started with these high end VMware products. The book contains an introduction to VMware’s server products which will introduce the reader to the main concepts. I have also included an introduction to VMware VirtualCenter to give you an overview of how that product can help you to manage a multi server VMware environment.

The information in this book is based on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Novell NetWare and Open Enterprise Server. For each operating system the book contains unique configuration tips on using virtual disks, networking and more.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – VMware Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Fast Track to VMware Workstation
  • Chapter 3 – What’s New in VMware Workstation 5
  • Chapter 4 – Install Operating Systems and VMware Tools
  • Chapter 5 – Introduction to VMware ACE
  • Chapter 6 – General VMware Configuration and Tips
  • Chapter 7 – Virtual Disks, Floppies and CD-Roms
  • Chapter 8 – Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Chapter 9 – Optimizing your Virtual Machine Environment
  • Chapter 10 – Transferring Data to and from a Virtual Machine
  • Chapter 11 – Networking Configurations
  • Chapter 12 – VMware Tips for Windows
  • Chapter 13 – VMware Tips for Linux
  • Chapter 14 – VMware Tips for Netware
  • Chapter 15 – Introduction to Physical to Virtual Conversion
  • Chapter 16 – Symantec Ghost’s Peer-to-Peer Imaging
  • Chapter 17 – Other Peer-to-Peer or Multicast Networking Solutions
  • Chapter 18 – Using Acronis True Image File Based Imaging via the Network
  • Chapter 19 – Creat a Virtual Disk from an Image File
  • Chapter 20 – Imaging the Really Cheap Way
  • Chapter 21 – Modify your Restored Opertating System to Work with VMware
  • Chapter 22 – Introduction to Clustering in VMware
  • Chapter 23 – Preparing for a Windows Server 2003 Cluster
  • Chapter 24- Preparing for a Netware 6.5 Cluster
  • Chapter 25 – Shared Disk Cluster with VMware Workstation
  • Chapter 26 – Shared Disk Cluster with VMware GSX Server
  • Chapter 27 – Shared Disk Cluster with VMware ESX Server
  • Chapter 28 – Installing Novell Cluster Services
  • Chapter 29 – Configuring Microsoft Cluster Services Software
  • Chapter 30 – Introduction to VMware GSX Server
  • Chapter 31 – Hardware & Software Requirements and Design
  • Chapter 32 – Upgrading GSX Server Software
  • Chapter 33 – Installation and Configuration on Windows
  • Chapter 34 – Installation and Configuration on Linux
  • Chapter 35 – Managing GSX Server and Virtual Machines
  • Chapter 36 – Creating and Configuring Virtual Machines on GSX Server
  • Chapter 37 – GSX Server Advanced Configurations
  • Chapter 38 – VMware ESX Server Introduction
  • Chapter 39 – Getting Started with VMware ESX Server
  • Chapter 40 – Managing Virtual Machines
  • Chapter 41 – Some Extra Tips on Using VMware ESX Server
  • Chapter 42 – Introduction to VirtualCenter

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