SWsoft Virtuozzo extends to 64 bit

Quoting from the SWsoft official announcement:

Today, SWsoft, an established leader in server automation and virtualization software, announced that as part of its 64-bit road map, Virtuozzo 2.6.2 for Linux server virtualization now supports AMD Opteron™ and Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) based servers. Virtuozzo’s true 64-bit support enables customers to take full advantage of the benefits of 64-bit computing for virtualized infrastructures and applications. The combination of Linux, Virtuozzo server virtualization and 64-bit processing forms the core of a true “next generation” enterprise computing architecture.

“Offering AMD and Intel support at both host and guest levels, coupled with our near-zero overhead, provides maximum performance and ROI,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft. “Virtuozzo’s ability to scale to the full power of the physical machine and to support virtually any hardware the operating system supports ensures no-compromise virtualization. Our solution supports a wide variety of scenarios from disaster recovery and server consolidation to business application workload agility, which enables real-time balancing of processing intensive applications.”

“The power and flexibility of virtualization is now a reality and is moving into the next generation of platforms,” said Tony Iams, Vice President, Ideas International. “Solutions such as SWsoft’s Virtuozzo server virtualization software offer 64-bit computing power for virtual scenarios that could help facilitate even faster adoption and transitions to next generation platforms.”

Unmatched Server Virtualization
Virtuozzo for Linux and Virtuozzo for Windows radically increase the power of enterprise servers by turning a single physical server into multiple isolated virtual private servers (VPSs). Virtuozzo operating system (OS) level virtualization delivers unique benefits including:

  • High Performance
    Efficient technology with near-zero overhead delivers maximum density, scalability up to 16-CPU SMP and 64 GB of RAM, and availability by migrating VPSs between physical servers in seconds.
  • Expansive Platform Support
    Linux and Windows operating systems and any underlying hardware; fully supports native 32 and 64-bit systems at host and guest levels.
  • Powerful Toolsets
    Intuitive and effective management of large groups of servers and VPSs with a full set of client web-based and command line tools including physical to virtual (VZPV) capabilities.
  • Rapid ROI
    Lower hardware, software and management costs due to advanced architecture and automation minimize total cost of ownership and drive rapid return-on-investment.

There’s a press coverage from ZDnet about this:

Virtuozzo is most popular among Web site hosting companies, which use the software to share the same server with multiple customers. Customers include GoDaddy and RackSpace.

Virtuozzo costs $999 per processor for its 32-bit software and $1,500 for the 64-bit version. The company charges double for use on dual-core chips, which feature two processing engines on a single slice of silicon. That policy stands in contrast to the one used by VMware, Microsoft and BEA Systems, which charge per processor and not per processor core.

Virtuozzo is not certified to run with Windows or Linux, but the company “has open discussions with a number of companies, including Red Hat, Novell and Microsoft,” the company said.