VMworld Conference 2005 content catalog

VMware arranged an online search engine for the many sessions presented at upcoming VMworld conference.
You can find it here: http://www.cplan.com/vmware/cc

I can go wrong but I have the impression this year the conference is less technical: just a couple of interesting “Products & Architecture” level 4 speeches:

  • PAC267-C “ESX Server Storage III: Internals”
  • PAC491 “The VMware SDK In-depth”

And not much more about upcoming technologies sessions:

  • PAC345 “VMware and CPU Virtualization Technology”
  • SLN223 “Maximizing Virtual Infrastructure with AMD Technologies: Dual-Core Servers, Direct Connect Architecture and Processor-enabled Virtualization with Pacifica “
  • PAC500 “The VMware Hypercall Interface”
  • PAC498-B “ESX Server Architectural Directions”
  • PAC485 “Managing Data Center Resources Using the VirtualCenter Distributed Resource Scheduler”