VMware P2V Assistant reaches beta 2

The public beta program about P2V Assistant reached its next beta phase.
The new and refreshed features:

  • Added support for booting the P2V Boot CD from USB CD-ROM devices (including HP iLO remote lights-out access virtual CD-ROM devices).
  • Updated P2V Boot CD Hardware Compatibility list for new machines supported in 2.1. (See updated HCL link on website).
  • Fixed issue where SCSI disk model names did not always match between the Boot CD and P2V Assistant application.
  • Fixed Boot CD not recognizing Adaptec ServeRaid 6i card (ips driver).
  • Fixed warning about evdev.ko input driver when booting on Dell 1850.
  • Added information to README about “sudo” program used to run ethtool as root (ethtool fails if run as a non-root user).

You can grab P2V Assistant beta 2 here: http://www.vmware.com/programs/6/p2vBeta.do
Remember this beta will expire on 11/15/2005. After that date we can expect the RTM.