Books: The VMware Workstation 5.0 Handbook

“The VMware Workstation 5.0 Handbook”, written by Steven Warren is finally available on Amazon.

The VMware Workstation 5 Handbook
Release Date: June, 2005
ISBN: 1584503939
Edition: 1
Pages: 334
Size: 1.2″ x 7.2″ x 9.0″

Virtual machine software is the foundation for next generation computing as it allows users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the PC. VMware Workstation enables administrators and software developers to develop, test, and run networked, server-class applications on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or NetWare all on a single desktop.

The VMware Workstation 5.0 Handbook covers the nuts and bolts of VMware Workstation, including how to install and upgrade VMware as well as use it guest operating systems. It teaches administrators everything they need to know in order to use VMware Workstation effectively, including how to configure, run, and troubleshoot virtual machines.

Step-by-step tutorials allow readers to work with the product as they read, and real-world examples and software screenshots reinforce the tutorials and make understanding this powerful new technology easy. This book teaches all the skills necessary to use VMware effectively in corporate IT infrastructures.


  • Provides the only complete guide to VMware Workstation 5.0
  • Covers essential features such as virtual networking, live snapshots, drag and drop and shared folders, and PXE support
  • Teaches the nuts and bolts of VMware Workstation, including how to install it on a Windows and Linux platform, troubleshoot and trace common problems, configure complex virtual networks, move, share, and work with virtual machines and disks, and performance tune virtual machines to fit various needs
  • Presents the material through step-by-step, real-world tutorials that allow users to work with the software as they work through the projects
  • Includes a CD-ROM with a trial version of VMware 5.0 and custom VMware scripts.