Upgrade from Workstation 5 to VMTN Subscription

I already talked about the new VMTN subscription for developers. VMware is now offering a way of upgrading your standard Workstation 5.0 license to this new subscription.
Quoting from the VMware Newsletter:

Offer Expires September 15th.
For a limited time, VMware is offering Workstation 5 customers the opportunity to upgrade to VMTN Subscription and receive a full rebate for their Workstation 5 upgrade or license.

VMTN Subscription includes VMware Workstation, GSX Server, ESX Server Developer Edition and P2V Assistant for development and testing purposes. The subscription gives developers and testers an enterprise-proven virtualization platformcombined with product
updates, upgrades and supportfor only $299 per year.

This upgrade offer expires on September 15th, 2005, so act now.

Learn more about VMTN Subscription:

Learn more about this rebate offer:

This could be a good moment to do the upgrade since Workstation 5.5 is coming and it would be included in the Workstation / VMTN license.