Books: VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide

Ron Oglesby, Scott Herold and Brian Madden book about VMware ESX Server is now available on Amazon.

VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide
Release Date: July 28, 2005
ISBN: 0971151067
Edition: 1
Pages: 488
Size: 9″ x 6″ x 1″

This book is not an administrator’s guide. Rather, it’s written for IT consultants, system engineers, and architects who must plan, design, implement, and optimize VMware ESX systems. It’s filled with real-world, proven strategies created specifically for ESX Server. See how some of the world’s largest companies are using ESX Server in their production environments.

Are you thinking about using VMware ESX Server in your environment?
Do you want to use it to consolidate a few servers, or do you want to use it on a larger scale?
Are you wondering wheter the ESX technology is “real” enough for production use?

If you’re wondering whether ESX Server will work for you, spend 50 bucks on this book before spending thousands of dollars on licenses.

Why Less than 500 pages? It’s amazing what you can fit into a small space by taking out pointless screenshots and unrelated filler material. Buy this book now and start learning how ESX Server really works.

What’s Covered in This Book…

  • Virtualization Overview
  • How Virtualization Works
  • The real differences between VMware Workstation, GSX, and ESX
  • Hardware Allocation
  • Getting devices to work
  • Real-world server sizing
  • SAN vs. local storage
  • The inner workings of ESX networking: virtual switches, physical
  • switches, and using ESX server for firewalls
  • Managing the server
  • Security
  • Server Monitoring
  • Automated installations and server provisioning
  • High availability
  • Backup and disaster recovery strategies

About the Authors

Ron Oglesby is the Director of Technical Architecture for RapidApp.
He’s helped companies of all sizes develop their virtualization strategies, ESX
Server farm designs, and virtualization roadmaps. Ron is a VMware
Authorized Consultant (VAC) and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and has 9
years of experience in the industry with the last 2 years almost completely
dedicated to virtualization. Ron co-authored the best-selling books
Windows 2003 Terminal Servers, the Citrix MetaFrame XP CCA Study Guide, and
numerous articles and white papers on server and application virtualization.

Scott Herold is a Senior Network Engineer for RapidApp. He is a
VMware Authorized Consultant (VAC), VMware Certified Professional (VCP), and the
owner of Scott has engineered and implemented some of the
largest ESX solutions in the world, including those for several financial
services and insurance companies. The solutions he has designed range from
2-3 physical server implementations to the enterprise sized environments of 50+
8-way hosts. He is one of the most active participants in the VMware
Technology Network Forums.

Table of Contents and some sample chapters are available here to download.