Virtual Server Management Pack for MOM 2005

Microsoft just released this long awaited management pack:

The Microsof Virtual Server 2005 section of the Virtual Server Management Pack monitors the performance and availability of Virtual Server and virtual machines. By detecting and providing alerts for critical events and performance indicators, this Management Pack helps you correct and prevent possible service outages. As a result, this Management Pack can play an important role in ensuring that Virtual Server and virtual machines are available and working correctly.

By using embedded expertise, this Management Pack provides alerts for performance, health, and availability conditions that indicate problems. In some cases it can even identify issues before they become critical, allowing you to maintain a high level of availability and performance for Virtual Server and your virtual machines. As a result, this Management Pack can reduce the cost of ownership by enabling proactive management and reducing resolution times for identified issues.

Go on and download it here.

Thanks to Megan Davis for this news.