Egenera and SWsoft form blade-server virtualization effort

Quoting from ITutilitypipeline:

SWsoft Inc., a provider of server-virtualization technology, said Monday that it has joined blade-server vendor Egenera Inc.’s Accelerate alliance program, allowing the two companies to participate in marketing, sales, and testing initiatives.
Through the partnership, the two companies will provide improved virtualization capabilities to Egenera’s BladeFrame system using SWsoft’s Virtuozzo virtualization software, which creates multiple isolated virtual private servers on a single physical server.

“This combination can lower total cost of ownership through server virtualization that scales and utilizes each server to its fullest potential,” Kurt Daniel, SWsoft’s marketing director, said in a statement.

SWsoft’s Virtuozzo for Windows has been tested and validated on Egenera’s BladeFrame system, the companies said. Daniel said customers can utilize the software on standard servers and blade servers for server consolidation, departmental-specific server applications, software deployment and testing, managing application growth, minimizing downtime, and patch management.