PearPC creator speaks over CherryOS

Quoting from Neowin:

Controversy is raging over the first test release of CherryOS – a paid-for Mac emulator which allows PC users to run Mac OS X for the first time. Hawaii-based company Maui X-Stream has released the software, at the cost of $50 per download. The problem? Well, it’s claimed much of the code comes straight from PearPC – which is free and released under the GPL.

Sebastian Biallas, PearPC’s main developers, spoke briefly and exclusively to Neowin on the release – and it looks like the group is still shaping up for its response. “There are some people who have copyright on (parts of) PearPC, and it depends on how the react on this,” he said. “The basic rule is: You either must release PearPC derivates under GPL or you must obtain a licence for other use.” Aside from that, he couldn’t comment further on it – but it looks likely there will be more movement on this from the PearPC side over the coming weeks.

Biallas admitted development on the project was currently “a little bit stalled, since I didn’t have time” but accepted there was certainly a lot of interest in his project. “It seems a lot,” he added. “I haven’t actively read the developers mailing lists, but there were a lots of postings in the last months.”