Serenity Systems International exposes SVISTA roadmap

Serenity Systems International published an unnoticed pdf about its virtualization platform describing main features and a short, interesting roadmap.

In particular I would underline few slides reporting:

– SVISTA 2004                                  October 2004
– SVISTA 2004 Feature Release I         End of 2004
– SVISTA 2004 Feature Release II          Q2 2005

Feature Release I

– Improvements to the CPU virtualization
– SSE2, better Pentium M support…
– Ring 0 and Ring 3 optimizations, as well as caching
– Extended memory for each virtual machine
      Up to 2 GB
– Support for more Guest OSes
      Windows 3.1/98/ME, Accelerated Windows XP
– Shared clipboard for the Linux Host
– USB support
– FreeBSD Host
– Terminal Server Edition will go from dual screen to quadscreen support

Feature Release II

– Enhanced IDE support
      Up to 4 IDE devices
      Differential hard drives
– Suspend to disk
– Shared folders
– Enhancements to the network support
– Migration tool set
– Terminal Server Edition will get better support for dual /
multiple CPU servers with new management tools

2005 and later

– Enhanced virtual machine APM support
– Advanced multi head configurations
– Management API to add custom devices and control the VM
– Well defined Host / Guest interfaces
– Virtual SMP support
– Large memory support