HP launches the ProLiant Essentials Server Migration Pack

HP launching its new ProLiant server line also launched a tool easying physical server virtualization called ProLiant Essentials Server Migration Pack.

Quoting from official page:

The ProLiant Essentials Server Migration Pack radically simplifies server consolidation projects. Server Migration Pack (SMP), a companion product to the Virtual Machine Management Pack, automates the manual processes required for a physical server to virtual machine (P2V) migration. SMP raises the bar on P2V automation, so that a typical migration process can be completed in a matter of minutes. The SMP’s advanced migration technology also provides the ability to support virtual machine to virtual machine (V2V) conversions. V2V provides the ability to covert Virtual Machines between different underlying virtualization layers including: VMware ESX / GSX and Microsoft Virtual Server.

Systems Insight Manager and the ProLiant Essentials management software provide a complete tool set for server consolidation projects. Using HP SIM and the Performance Management Pack, users can easily identify underutilized servers in the datacenter that are candidates for consolidation. Once these systems are identified, SIM and the Server Migration Pack provide an easy to use physical to virtual (P2V) migration capability.

Four Key Features

– Systems Insight Manager Integration
Enables all operations required for P2V or V2V migrations to be accessed from the SIM console

– Automated P2V
Automates the migration of physical servers into VMware ESX/GSX or Microsoft virtual machines

– Automated V2V
Automates the conversion of Virtual Machines between VMware ESX & GSX and Microsoft Virtual Server virtualization layers

– Peer to Peer Migrations
Accelerates the migration process and enables the ability to perform multiple P2V migrations concurrently

– No boot CD required
Simplifies migrations with hands-off approach