Green Hills adds server virtualization software

Quoting from Socal Tech:

Santa Barbara-based Green Hills Software said this morning that it has introduced a new technology which allows integration of Linux and other operating system software easily into its secure operating system.

The new INTEGRITY PC product creates a “virtual computer” that runs on top of Green Hills INTEGRITY operating system, allowing companies to run operating systems such as Linux without requiring porting of those applications. The company reports that Boeing is using the technology in several of its military development programs. Green Hills said that the product, based on its Padded Cell technology, allows multiple virtual computers to run in user mode on top of their operating system. Each of those virtual computers are separate, and even if they crash cannot affect other parts of the operating system.

The software is similar to products in the desktop space from Microsoft and VMware, and reflects a general industry trend toward server virtualization. Green Hills’ products are focused on the embedded operating system market.