SWsoft opens Windows to virtualization

Quoting from Computer Business Review Online:

Herndon, Virginia-based SWsoft has previously focused Virtuozzo on the Linux server space but has been working on a Windows port of the product since early 2003, shortly after Microsoft acquired rival Connectix. The Connectix team was at the time gearing up to apply its PC virtualization technology to the server space, the results of which were finally released by Microsoft as Virtual Server 2005 product.

As one of the leading players in the server virtualization space, alongside EMC Corp’s VMware, SWsoft has much to gain from counteracting Microsoft’s entry into the server virtualization space, and Virtuozzo for Windows is a timely announcement.

However, the product will not be available until early 2005, with beta testing due to last until December 6, 2004. The product creates what SWsoft calls Virtual Private Servers, with additional functionality including dynamic partitioning, resource management, operating system virtualization, and automated management.

The company also offers the Virtuozzo Management Console centralized administration management tool, as well as browser-based Virtuozzo Power Panels for the management of individual virtual servers.