VMware drastically cuts GSX Server price

Quoting from ZDNet:

VMware has cut the price of its GSX Server software, the lower end of two products that let multiple operating systems run on the same hardware. The software now costs $1,400 for a dual-processor server and $2,800 for systems with as many as 32 processors; previously it cost $2,500 for a dual-processor server, $5,000 for a four-processor server and $10,000 for an eight-processor server.

The product competes with Microsoft’s newly released Virtual Server 2005. Responding to Microsoft is a “secondary motivation” for the price cuts, which primarily were made in an effort to encourage wider use, the company said.

This is really interesting: now VMware has more experience, more features, and a quite near price to mantain its lead position on virtualization market. And when VMware will release GSX for 64bit, it will worth the price even more.
With GSX at $1,400 who would buy a Virtual Server 2005, even for a soho lab environment?