BMC Software teams with VMware to deliver business service management to customers

Quoting from Yahoo! Finance:

From its exclusive Business Service Management (BSM) Executive Event, BMC Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise management solutions, today announced an expanded relationship with VMware, the leading provider of virtual infrastructure solutions, and new products integrated with VMware virtual infrastructure software to help customers tie IT and business together more effectively. BMC Software now gives customers the ability to plan their migration to VMware virtual infrastructure and optimize their VMware environments with minimized risks. The new products — PATROL® Performance Assurance® for Virtual Servers and PATROL for Virtual Servers provide virtualized environments with stronger capacity, performance, and dynamic workload management, a key implementation approach BMC Software has seen with customers embracing BSM. BMC Software’s BSM strategy enables companies to move beyond traditional IT management to better manage their critical services from a business perspective.

VMware virtual infrastructure enables companies to reduce their IT infrastructure costs by virtualizing computing, storage and networking and managing it centrally. The company’s virtual infrastructure software creates a single pool of computing, storage and networking resources that can be re- allocated to workloads as business needs change.

BMC Software is working with VMware Virtual Infrastructure API’s to deliver BSM solutions such as enterprise-class tools for capacity management that enable VMware customers to allocate server capacity based on business needs. BMC Software is also working to associate VMware virtual infrastructure directly with business services via PATROL management. BSM directly benefits VMware customers by enabling them to better align virtualized resources with business objectives. VMware solutions directly map to BMC Software’s Capacity Management and Provisioning Route to Value (RTVs). Capacity Management and Provisioning is one of eight of BMC Software’s RTVs, which are methods for quickly implementing BSM solutions.

“BMC Software has more than 20 years’ experience in virtualized performance management, bringing a level of expertise to VMware management that is unmatched in the industry,” said Mary Smars, vice president and general manager, Distributed Systems Management, BMC Software. “With the management depth we offer with our PATROL solutions, BMC provides customers with a comprehensive approach to maximizing their VMware environments, resulting in lowering their cost of operations and increasing their IT efficiency and ultimately their business success.”

“As the market leader in virtual infrastructure software, VMware welcomes the availability of BMC Software’s respected production support tools such as PATROL Performance Assurance and PATROL management for VMware virtual infrastructure. Together, we provide customers managing mission-critical environments with a powerful solution for gaining complete control over their virtual infrastructure,” said Brian Byun, vice president of alliances at VMware. “Our relationship with BMC Software promises to enable customers to lower IT costs and demonstrate the contribution of IT to the overall success of the business.”

New PATROL Solutions Add Intelligence and Speed to Dynamic Provisioning Efforts

BMC Software is delivering comprehensive management solutions for VMware virtual infrastructure software, including monitoring, capacity management and optimization, with the introduction of PATROL Performance Assurance for Virtual Servers and PATROL for Virtual Servers. BMC Software’s PATROL Performance Assurance solutions offer capacity management and analysis tools that enable companies to better understand and manage the performance of their IT infrastructure and the business services that execute across the infrastructure. PATROL Performance Assurance for Virtual Servers offers comprehensive performance analysis and sizing support for VMware software deployments. The solution helps to determine which servers can be virtualized as well as how to ensure optimal performance, response time and throughput of business services on virtual infrastructure when deployed in daily production environments.

Through BMC Software’s exclusive methodology, customers can profile the application assets and their resource requirements on current systems and test VMware deployment scenarios before implementation. In production, PATROL Performance Assurance for Virtual Servers gives customers the ability to view historical trends and exceptions to identify and resolve resource issues before they affect users. IT also can publish daily performance charts to business users, including detailed application views to allay concerns about application responsiveness on virtual infrastructure. PATROL Performance Assurance for Virtual Servers will be available with PATROL Performance Assurance version 7.2, which will be generally available in October. PATROL Performance Assurance 7.2 is a significant upgrade that also extends BMC Software’s application and database support with the addition of analytic tools and predictive modeling for applications that run on IBM’s DB2 UDB or Microsoft SQL Server database environments.

Today, BMC Software is also announcing PATROL for Virtual Servers, which provides real-time management of the VMware virtual infrastructure, generating events when critical availability and performance thresholds are exceeded. The native intelligence in BMC Software’s PATROL solutions, based on the company’s strong partner relationships and enterprise-wide solutions, helps customers improve productivity by minimizing errors and downtime, improve performance and customer service by proactively managing service levels, and reduce costs by maximizing existing resources.

PATROL for Virtual Servers enables customers to discover all their virtual machines and maps them to the physical servers on which they are running. BMC Software’s PATROL adds application intelligence about these virtual machines, enabling companies to dynamically manage workloads to ensure business priorities are met. PATROL provides a single point of control to manage their virtualized enterprises, allowing customers to see their heterogeneous environments, including operating systems, databases and applications, in one console