Whitepaper: Introducing Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 on xSeries servers

IBM Redbooks department just released another virtualization redpaper, this time on Microsoft new product Virtual Server 2005.

Here the abstract:

Businesses continually seek ways to reduce cost and risk while increasing quality and agility in their IT infrastructure. Virtualization is a key enabling technology that can be leveraged to achieve these business benefits. Virtualization technology enables customers to run multiple operating systems concurrently on a single physical server, where each of the operating systems runs as a self-contained computer.

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 hosted on Windows Server 2003 and IBM xSeries servers delivers the performance necessary to carry out time- and cost-saving tasks through virtualization technology in an enterprise-ready computing environment with advanced levels of scalability, manageability, and reliability.

This redpaper introduces Virtual Server and describes the main features and functions, the product’s architecture, and the typical customer uses. It also introduces the management tools available, including IBM Director with Virtual Machine Manager, and Microsoft Operations Manager.

This redpaper is targeted at IT specialists who need to understand this new product and how it can be used in their environment

You can download it (still draft) here.