Computer Associates delivers support for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005

Quoting from ITWeb:

Computer Associates International, Inc today announced that it is delivering immediate support for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 across its Unicenter operations management, BrightStor storage management and eTrust security management product lines, enabling customers to fully leverage their new virtualisation capabilities and optimise the performance and value of their on-demand computing environments. Microsoft today announced the general availability of Virtual Server 2005.

“Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 is a powerful solution for corporate IT organisations seeking to increase the efficiency of their processing infrastructure and to more flexibly respond to the shifting demands of the business,” said Juliette Sultan, senior vice-president of product marketing at CA.

“By delivering same-day support, CA is enabling our mutual customers to immediately manage their new on-demand environments, protect the data in those environments with unprecedented efficiency, and maintain the highest levels of information security – without having to increase staff workloads or headcount.”

CA’s Unicenter, BrightStor and eTrust solutions automate and streamline management of complex virtual computing environments by leveraging Microsoft Virtual Server 2005’s sophisticated native resource administration mechanisms.

– CA’s Unicenter Network and Systems Management (Unicenter NSM) can now monitor virtual machines running on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 to ensure their availability. In addition, Unicenter NSM Systems Performance Option now offers diagnostics and tools to optimise server performance. The Unicenter solutions enable Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 to be managed in the same way as physical enterprise computing resources. This common management is essential for customers as they transition over time from traditional to on-demand architectures.

– BrightStor ARCserve Backup streamlines protection of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 environments by allowing applications residing on different servers in the virtual server environment to be backed up in a simple and easy-to-use manner.

– eTrust Antivirus and eTrust Secure Content Manager provide enhanced security for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 by detecting malware, and by filtering Web and e-mail content. eTrust Vulnerability Manager monitors and remediates vulnerabilities exclusive to virtualised environments and ensures that malicious code is not propagated across multiple virtual machines residing in the same server.