Intel going to boost virtualization: Silvervale and Vanderpool technologies

We already know Intel will release a new CPU generation able to help softwares like VMware and Microsoft virtualization products, but very few details were available since today.

Intel now reveal a new technology coming before Vanderpool, called Silvervale (quoting from CNET News):

By 2006, Intel will begin offering a feature code-named Silvervale Technology (ST) that will make it easier to run multiple independent operating systems on Xeon or Itanium servers. The technology uses the same interface as the Vanderpool Technology (VT) that will bring a similar feature to PCs, meaning that software companies such as Microsoft or VMware supporting the technology won’t have to write different versions of their products for ST and VT.

and go deeper with Vanderpool detail (quoting from CNET News):

Vanderpool will allow PCs to do even more by simultaneously splitting one PC into multiple partitions, each of which can have a different purpose. One partition could be scanning for viruses, while another runs a person’s applications, such as word processing or computer games.

Vanderpool will be a way for Intel to encourage companies to buy new PCs, Otellini, Intel President, said: “By putting virtualization and reliability and security into the platform, it can accelerate corporate replacement cycles because it is (offering) a better, cheaper environment” .

Otellini demonstrated one PC using Vanderpool to run office applications, games and voice over Internet Protocol, a computer-aided design application running on Linux and also a virus scanner.

Intel cautioned that Vanderpool, as well as a set of security technologies known as LeGrande, won’t come until Microsoft ships the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, in 2006.