Release: VMware VirtualCenter 1.1.1 released!

VMware just released a maintanaince update of VirtualCenter. Here the resolved issues of this build:

-) Cancelling an upgrade causes only partial the VirtualCenter database conversion
Upgrading from VirtualCenter version 1.0.1 to version 1.1 may take an unusually long time if you have a large database. Canceling the installation in the middle of an upgrade might result in an inconsistent database state that cannot be used with either VirtualCenter 1.0.x or 1.1. VirtualCenter 1.1.1 substantially reduces the time required to upgrade the database and allows your to cancel and resume an upgrade at any point during the installation process without impacting database consistency. VMware continues to recommend that you back up your VirtualCenter database prior to any product upgrade.

-) VMotion fails when creating a new unique identifier (UUID)
Customers attempting to VMotion virtual machines between IBM x445 servers running ESX Server 2.1.0 might encounter an error when VirtualCenter prompts the user to generate a new UUID or keep the existing UUID at the destination host. Since prompted question cannot be answered during VMotion, the VMotion fails.

-) Cannot create a second SCSI controller through VirtualCenter
When adding a second SCSI disk, if you selected 1:0 as the ID, the choice reset to 0:2 and did not create the second virtual SCSI controller.

-) The virtual machine hard disk Properties dialog is blank
VirtualCenter Administrators were not able to edit the properties of virtual machines. The Properties dialog display was blank. This may have occurred after changing the memory allocation of the virtual machine. The range of memory supported is 4 MB to 3600 MB and is no longer limited to the physical memory of the host where the virtual machine resides.

-) Reducing Performance intervals may cause VirtualCenter server failure
When you select File > VMware VirtualCenter Settings > Performance tab, you can modify, create or remove interval types. For example, a default interval type of “Past Day” consists of 288 samples at 5 minutes per sample. If you removed an interval and then later added an interval with the same number of units per sample but specified a fewer number of samples, VirtualCenter might have failed. For example, if you removed the default interval “Past Day” and added “Past 6 Hours” with 72 samples at 5 minutes per sample. This example uses the same interval of 5 minutes, but reduced the number of samples from 288 to 72.

For more information refer to support page here.