AMD announces support for enterprise server virtualization

Quoting from Le Revenue:

AMD today announced that VMware ESX Server, virtual infrastructure software that enables enterprises to partition,consolidate and manage systems in mission-critical environments, is qualified on AMD Opteron processor-based platforms from HP and IBM. VMware, Inc.’s qualification of the four-way HP ProLiant DL585 andIBM e325 for VMware ESX Server underscores the extent to which the AMDOpteron processor, the world’s first x86 processor for both 32-bit and64-bit computing, is well suited to the demands of server virtualization.

The AMD Opteron processor with Direct ConnectArchitecture features an integrated memory controller and HyperTransport technology, enabling more efficient memory and I/O access, which are critical to memory-intensive virtualization. “Enterprises are increasingly looking to the AMD Opteron processor, as the only processor that delivers simultaneous 32- and 64-bit x86 computing in multi-processor server platforms, to meet their server virtualization needs,” said Marty Seyer, vice presidentand general manager of the Microprocessor Business Unit, ComputationProducts Group, AMD.
“Additionally, feature enhancements planned forour future dual-core and single-core processor products will furtherenable the availability of 64-bit virtualization software and help provide the infrastructure needed for virtualization vendors to offer mainframe-quality virtualization to the x86 market.” Server virtualization generates improved return on IT investments and helps reduce the total cost of computing infrastructures ownershipby delivering resource consolidation, improved availability andinfrastructure flexibility.

According to research firm Gartner,”Strategically, enterprises that leverage virtualization technologieswill be able to react to changing requirements more rapidly by using server resources as a pool of resources. Enterprises should pursue long-term relationships with vendors that have solid virtualizationplans either directly or through partnerships.”

VMware recently announced its 64-bit roadmap in which support forconcurrent 32-bit and 64-bit virtual machines on 64-bit architectures,including AMD64, will be introduced across the VMware product line.Today support for AMD64 is available on an experimental basis in VMware GSX Server and VMware Workstation, with support for both RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 64-bit host operating systems as well as for Windows Server 2003 (Beta) for 64-bit extended systems.

“AMD64 technology allows enterprises to leverage existing IT investments while simultaneously positioning them to respond faster tochanging business demands,” said Michael Mullany, vice president ofmarketing, VMware. “We are committed to providing our customers withthe support they need to maximize their technology investments, including support for technology like the AMD Opteron processor. The qualification of ESX Server on the AMD Opteron processor-based HP ProLiant DL585 and IBM e325 serversprovides users with performance-based platforms that support our 32-bit products today with the ability to migrate to our 64-bitproducts as they become available.”