Dunes Technologies SA announces availability of Dunes Policy

Quoting from official sales announcement:

Since 2001, Dunes has been a leader in virtual machines management solution that enables enterprise IT, service providers and software vendors to rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively supply customers and business users with personalized services.

Dunes S-Ops provides unified management and control of distributed heterogeneous virtual resources across the enterprise. Dunes S-Ops allows for aggregation of virtual resources, making them manageable as one single service, enabling multiple software, virtual and hardware resources to be managed as one pool of assets dedicated to a specific business activity.

Dunes Policy enables the definition, validation and implementation of custom scripted policies to automate service and operation level management. Dunes Policy provides the integrated development environment (IDE) and the tools to allow policies to be articulated, modeled, tested, implemented, evolved and re-used. Dunes Policy allows the policies to be implemented as wizards as well as traditional scripts.

“The combination of Dunes Policy with Dunes S-Ops for VMware Virtual Infrastructure allows us to capture those unique customer best practices to pro-actively orchestrate provisioning in a virtualized environment in real-time, based on their particular business needs” said Doug Weisberg president and CEO of Expert Server Group, a leading member of the VMware VAC program. ?We are pleased to provide a mean by which all VMware value added service providers can differentiate themselves? said Stephane Broquere, president and CEO of Dunes.

Key Features:

– Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for virtual machines automation.
– Integrated Java-script editor.
– Normalized scriptable objects throughout all virtual machines vendors.
– Actions templating for further usage in tasks (scheduled actions) and policies.
– Policy templating for virtual machines and infrastructure.
– Import/Export of actions and policies.


– Personalize and augment management system by creating custom actions.
– Apply policy and action templates using wizard.
– Enable virtual machine to be moved from one virtual machine host to another, even if the source host is unavailable (networked storage required).
– Virtual Machines fail-over with shared storage (NAS or SAN): automatically runs a clone of a virtual machine on another computer in case of virtual machine error detection. Both virtual machines share a single disk file.
– Virtual Machines fail-over without shared storage: automatically runs a copy of a virtual machine on another computer in case of virtual machine error detection. Each virtual machine runs from separate copies of a disk file.
– Backup automation: put virtual machines in such mode that it can be backuped (suspend or create redo log), creates a snapshot (if available) and drives the backup software at planned intervals.
– Workload management: automatically reallocates virtual machines on multiple servers according to workload.
– Alarm notification: Threshold values and e-mail/pager notifications can be set and users will be automatically notified.

Pricing and Availability

Dunes Policy is available today as an add-on to S-Ops 2.2. S-Ops 2.2 versions are available for both Windows and Linux host operating systems. Pricing for Dunes Policy is based on a per virtual machine basis. License prices are (in Swiss Francs):

– 149 Swiss Francs per VMware GSX Server virtual machine
– 299 Swiss Francs per VMware ESX Server virtual machine.

The electronic software distribution of S-Ops 2.2 is available via the Dunes Store.