VMware suggests how to V2P migrate

Everybody doing some business with server virtualization technologies sooner or later need (or hope) to move a physical existing server into a virtual machine. This not so simple process is called Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration and many tools exist to (semi) automatically achieve the task. VMware itself already offers a product called P2V Assistant to do that.

But what to do when, for example, you just created a perfect VM, after testing days, to be deployed as standard client for your enterprise? You did the tests and arrived to an accepted lab configuration, now you need to replicate it on a real machine, clone it and deploy the clone on every hardware client desktop around. This process can be prone to errors…

Won’t be simpler to move the perfect VM from virtual to physical (V2P)? Well, VMware suggests you how to do this in a 28 pages technical PDF.
In a near future we could see a V2P Assistant too?