Virtual PC 2004 vs. VMware 4.0 Performance Review

Finally someone did the great step 🙂 reports:

A simple performance comparison between two well-known “virtualization” software packages, both commercial: Virtual PC 2004 and VM Ware Workstation 4.0. Both virtual machines were configured with a 1024x768x32 desktop resolution, WIndows 98 SE and 256 MB RAM.
The test system hardware is as follows:

AMD XP 2600+ (1.92GHz), 333MHz FSB, 512k L2 cache (Barton)
nForce2 Ultra400 Based board (Abit NF7-S 2.0)
1024 MB RAM, DDR 333MHz
40GB WD hard disk
GeForce 4 MX, 64MB DDR AGP video card
Windows XP, Service Pack 1

Here the interesting comparison!