VERITAS Cluster Server Makes VMware Highly Available

Directly from 19 January announcement:

VERITAS Software Corporation (Nasdaq: VRTS), the leading storage software provider, today announced expanded Linux platform support for SUSE LINUX and VMware

VERITAS Cluster Serverâ„¢ is now available for VMware ESX Server, providing customers the first high availability option for VMware. Combining clustering, core storage management and server provisioning technologies, VERITAS delivers the fundamental building blocks for utility computing with heterogeneous availability, performance and automation software on all platforms, including Linux.

VERITAS Cluster Server is the first clustering software to make VMware ESX Server host and virtual machines highly available. VMware allows multiple instances of Linux, Red Hat or SUSE LINUX, Microsoft Windows and Novell Netware to run on a single Intel x-86-based server. VERITAS Cluster Server for VMware can monitor each of the virtual machines within the VMware ESX Server and failover any of the machines to another node in the cluster, or to an entire server in the event a server fails.

For new customers, pricing for VERITAS Cluster Server for VMware starts at US $1,995 per Linux client.